Software Engineer ‐ iOS Ⅱ

My Vision

The technology space is one that is continuously in motion and endlessly changing. Over the years, my focus has transformed as my dreams have become bigger and as my knowledge has advanced. I have always wanted to be a professional in the field of Computer Science. Leaving my mark as an Entrepreneur drives my intention in all of my work. iOS development is not as simple as having an idea and developing an app to support that idea. App development is evolving in two dimensions at once — vertically and horizontally. There will be fewer "core" apps that people use, but those apps will have much greater capabilities within them. My dreams and aspirations as a young entrepreneur lie in the intention to contribute as much as I can for the development of this tech planet. With unwavering effort, I desire to contribute my knowledge to make human lives more accessible and more dynamic.

Things I love to do


I have a true passion for programming. Typing code into an editor is my favorite part, I love the moment when it starts to work.


I'm a travel photographer. I wish I could capture all the meaningful moment and beautiful places around the Planet.


I tend to spend all my free time travelling. I want to explore, discover and learn about new places.


I'm not a professional by any means but I had the courage to try something new. I discovered my love for singing when I was in grade 10.


I alwyas had a tremendous interest about connecting new people with authenticity and equality.

Playing Guitar

Playing guitar is something that I really enjoy doing. I got my first acuistic guitar from my Mom.

My beliefs

As an individual, I was molded into being an avid fan of technology by great visionaries like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others whose pioneering works has inspired me to believe that literally anything is possible. It is with that belief I opted to pursue Software Development as a discipline in order to prepare myself to realize an even bigger dream – to be an entrepreneur.


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