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I am an iOS developer interested in companies where I can make a significant impact on the product. I have 6+ Years of Object-Oriented Programming experience in Swift, C++, and Objective-C, where I enjoy working on teams with an influential engineering culture and building products. Striving to stay on top of the mobile technology while keeping up with ever-changing iOS development and loving every minute of it. Transforming a problem into the real workable code is my ultimate passion drive me become a product-oriented iOS Engineer.

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Why I love iOS

As a CS student, I always wanted to develop something for iOS devices because I use Apple products a lot. I simply love Swift. Being an app developer means I spend a lot of my time coding and I want to program in a language I love. Swift is one of my favorite programming languages that I have utilized in app development. t makes developing so easy and so simple. I have made my humble beginning as a software developer working to build native iOS application. The first project was an app that records audio and then plays it with different voices. It was a amazing feeling. It is when you use UINavigationController, IBAction and IBOutlet, AVAudioRecorder and programmatically configured Segue in it. I especially appreciate its expressiveness and readability and it’s capability to reduce development time and error. Currently, I am using all of the program’s features and its vast source of dynamic libraries which allow me to create robust, yet adaptable applications.

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